Why I chose to certify my Company as a Women-Owned Business with Women’s Business Enterprise Council.  (WBENC)

Although at first, I didn’t see the importance of it, I now understand that it was the right choice for my business. I won’t sit here and write this article about how easy the process was because in reality it wasn’t but be clear in understanding that most projects that require no work or time show little or no result at the end.

The application process was quite intensive, but WBENC works with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand what you are applying for and to help you clearly see the full picture behind why a certification makes you not just stand apart from your competitors but shows that you care about your business’s overall perspective.

So now let me express how grateful I am having accomplished certifying my staffing agency HALO as a women owned business, not only have I gained inside connections with WBENC, but I also gained many new Friends, Leads, Referrals, etc. My business now stands for what I have worked so hard to get recognition as a woman entrepreneur.


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