Why Halo Staffing is the right Agency for you

Job opportunities with Halo Staffing Agency might be a little unlike any other than what you’re used to because we care for you. Our goal is to meet not just our client needs, but also are Prospects as well! We are in the business of providing services to all types of clients and match each job order with the right skill set professional.

As a Minority Small Business woman, I strive to make sure that all candidates are treated equally within my staffing agency. Many companies turned their backs on certain looks, but I am here to help those individuals that need assistance with their job search by providing them with well-trained recruiters. At Halo, we will treat you with respect and we will honor your work! Halo differentiates from any other small business out there, why? because we want to make a difference in peoples lives. I personally know the struggles of what it is like to find that ideal job that best matches our skills and professionalism, so I will make sure that our trained recruiters and account managers understand which job order is the right one for you.

To our clients, we promised that every job that is contracted through Halo Staffing is to be matched to the right candidate. We also, understand the struggles that companies face in today’s society with such a high turnover rate many companies are forced to turn to staff agencies for support. I have over 25 years of working in Hospitals, family clinics, cancer centers, staffing agencies, I have personally worked as a recruiter and account manager and manager to a staffing firm, etc. When put to the test we will guarantee that our expertise will speak for themselves. Not only will our recruiters match your job order, but they will make sure that each contractor understands the mission and vision of the client for whom they choose, or is selected to work for. I know that most business battle in trusting agencies that will bring in quality staff, but I personally guarantee that each individual prospect will be properly screened from the moment we source through their resumes, interview, and credential to match the right job. Our request to the client is to trust in Halo Staffing to be your next staffing agency and Halo Staffing Agency will help you reach your candidate goals. We are ready to support your needs and invite you to learn more about Halo Staffing in making a difference in your business.