If you’re looking to find the best staffing services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, let your employment search end with us. At Halo Staffing Agency, our commitment is to provide unparalleled services to both employers looking to find new employees and individuals seeking new employment opportunities.


Our accounting staffing services include a variety of different fields including tax, audit, real estate specialists, and more. Modern accountant jobs, typically seen as partners of the company, require the individual to determine what the meaning is behind the numbers of each case and communicate that to members of the business to help make decisions.


When it comes to administrative staffing, there is a wide array of options from assistants, coordinators, directors, managers, specialists, and much more. Whether it be for billing, finance, general office, mail, or more, our services will give you the opportunities you’ve been looking for. These types of positions are great for individuals with some knowledge of the field.

Animal Care

For those who love to work with animals, our animal care staffing goes well beyond veterinarians; from zoologists, trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers, and more, we handle it all. There are many employment opportunities for individuals to work with furry, soft, scaly, and even slimy companions.

Building Maintenance

Individuals that have good management, technical, and groundskeeping abilities will benefit from our building maintenance staffing services. With options ranging from maintenance electricians, mechanics, and technicians to building and apartment caretakers, superintendents and managers, the available industry positions are abundant.


With our business staffing services, individuals searching for employment with careers including executive, management, analyst, operations, and much, much more can find exactly what they desire. The primary category of business jobs can span to dozens of different niches, so there are plenty of options to choose from.


Positions such as journalists, producers, marketers, social media content creators, press secretaries, and similar fields fall under our communications staffing services. This type of field is expanding each year with the growth of technology, so finding a job in Philadelphia related to communications will always be in demand.


General careers such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and laborers to more advanced positions such as engineers, superintendents, estimators, and inspectors fall under our construction staffing category. Typical construction job opportunities seek individuals who have work experience; though some require technical training or schooling.


From teaching, advising, admissions, and more, our education staffing solutions are great for all instances including entry-level positions to working for government agencies. Education careers are always in demand, and there are plenty of unique opportunities for people that want to help students, individuals special needs, and even seniors.


If science, math, and developing things is something you’re interested in, our engineering staffing services will help you get the position you’ve always wanted. Engineering jobs range from aerospace, agricultural, chemical, civil, to software, electrical, environmental, and more. Be placed with a company that seeks the value you have to offer.


For those who are interested in the production of T.V. shows, podcasts, movies, and other media-related careers, our entertainment staffing services can help you find the position you’ve always wanted. These types of jobs range from working in the studio of broadcast stations, building sets in warehouses, to being an editor, voice actor, and much more.


With our finance employee staffing services, whether you’re an individual looking for a new career or an employer seeking to fill their vacant slots, our vetted agency will provide the assistance you need. Typical finance careers that we offer solutions for are corporate, banking, private equity, venture capital, insurance, and hedge fund.

Food Service

Food service jobs range from bartenders to brewers, chefs to farmers, dishwashers to waiters and waitresses, and much more. These types of careers are always in an abundance of new workers at different education levels from entry-level positions to associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree graduates.


Since the inception of our company, we have provided healthcare staffing services in response to the evergrowing need for filling flexible positions in the medical field. With variable changes in the healthcare industry such as seasonal positions, closures & openings of different hospital units, and more, the turn over rate for healthcare-related jobs is increasingly rising.

IT (Information Technology)

We understand that the growth of our communities in Philadelphia and beyond are powered by innovation, which is why our IT staffing services company is the right choice for you! With jobs ranging from hardware and software engineers, network administrators, data architects, support specialists, system analysts, and more, we cater to many options.


Industrial careers include positions such as mechanics, arborists, foremen, engineers, and various other manual-labor-intensive jobs. These types of jobs in Philadelphia typically don’t require any education beyond high school, so there are a lot of opportunities for entry-level type jobs.


Our legal staffing covers positions from lawyers, paralegals, and secretaries to compliance specialists, conflict analysts, country messengers, and beyond. Legal positions, for the most part, requires not only a good amount of schooling but field experience with case histories that can reflect expertise and knowledge.


Media jobs such as technical writers, video producers, video & film editors, bloggers, sound engineers, and so on are in demand now more than ever; with the evergrowing need for content to be produced in various formats, including websites, videos, ads, social media, and more, media-related positions cater to both modern and traditional methods.


Retail jobs go far beyond the typical cashier, customer service, or clerk positions; various sales positions, assistant buyers, comparison shoppers, consultants, and much more fall under the retail genre. These types of careers tend to attract individuals that like to communicate with people as well as have an understanding of the product or company they are working with.


If you’re interested in negotiating, networking, and selling, our sales staffing services in Philly can help you find that career that you’ve been looking for. Sales positions range from representatives, managers, specialists, lead generators, and more. Some common types of areas may be car dealerships, real estate agencies, tech companies, and so on.