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If you’re seeking a professional home health aide agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our dedicated staffing experts will help your family get the care you need. Or if you’re an individual seeking a position with a compassionate-heavy career, working as an HHA may be the right choice for you. Either way, filling out our form below will open up new opportunities that await.



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How Home Health Aides Can Help

When having an HHA around, most things become easier and more attainable. From running small errands to assisting with healthy routines, our home health aides will provide superior solutions to those in need in Philly and beyond.

Companionship Workers in Philadelphia


For many, being alone throughout the day is emotionally draining, especially when their spouse has moved on, or their family members are living their own life. Companionship is one of the primary reasons that individuals and families seek the help of home health aides.

Home Health Care Agencies in Philadelphia For Seniors

Errands & Chores

From driving to doctor appointments to filling up prescriptions, the quality of life when having an HHA is increased from the beginning. Routine activities such as daily chores, meal preparation, cleaning the house, and grocery shopping become less of a burden as well.

Healthcare Workers For Home Health in Philly

Health Care

With two different types of home health services – aides for non-medical assistance and home health agencies for medical care – our professionals in Philadelphia can assist with services such as bathing, medication reminders, range of motion, and standing up or sitting down with a gait belt and beyond.

Why Work With Us As An HHA

Are you looking for home health care agencies in Philadelphia, PA that offer quick job placements in addition to training for becoming an HHA as well? Our company is a competing leader among healthcare staffing agencies in the area, and we thrive to be the best.

Home Health Aide Jobs in Philadelphia PA

Flexible Scheduling

With the ability to work various hour slots, including working overnights, on the weekends, morning, of afternoon shifts, home health aides are known to have more flexible schedules. And at times, shifting or swapping work hours is almost common among many.

HHA Jobs In Philadelphia

Steady Income

Falling under the healthcare niche, home health aide jobs in Philadelphia provide a reliable source of residual income. With a comfortable salary of around $24,000 per year, individuals with little to no skill or education have an opportunity to generate livable income.

Disability Home Health Aide in Philadelphia PA

Sense of Fulfillment

Whether you’re working with a senior or someone with a disability, the feeling of giving back to those in need surpasses many other experiences. There are countless home health aides that have been providing these types of services for their whole working life and never look back.

The Halo Staffing Agency Mission Statement

Halo Staffing Agency LLC is all about meeting and changing people’s lives; we are a new establishment with the mindset of years of work and experience in working with all levels of providers & professionals. Our mission is to defeat the struggles of our clients’ needs by providing exceptional professionals of all of skill set levels to service not just their staffing necessities, but to treat all guests with the utmost level of respect and care. Our goal is to match each prospect to their occupational needs and each client with the best contractors. All in all, becoming the best staffing agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is something we participate in each and every day.